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Hej! I'm Tove Hardner, I am currently doing a Post-Graduate Diploma at QUT in Digital Communications and have recently been in an immersive boot-camp course with General Assembly in Data Analytics. I have worked in the gaming and digital media space, research and analytics experience, as well as the events space, most recently as a Community Specialist at Rustafied.

I believe I am uniquely positioned as having strong experience in a range of data and analytics tools and methodologies as well as having strong social sciences and humanities skills. I have developed these skills and experiences through video game industry experience, event management for community groups, undergraduate and postgraduate education, and, winning a scholarship in a pilot program with a partnership between General Assembly and Digital Skills Organisation (Federal Government).

I am particularly driven by working within digital communities and using technology and data to create positive change and currently seeking opportunities to collaborate with a dynamic team that values bringing socio-cultural perspectives to digital solutions.

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